Imagination; words as art; images of reality become works of fiction." -Marilyn Clare


We follow a path in life. We dream dreams of things we want in life. Something about Lake Harriet, Linden Hills that endorses freedoms for ideas and calms the inner spirit. We explore thoughts, one and then another and then another; similar to how the pages read in Nathaniel Hawthorne's novel, The Scarlet Letter or Henry David Thoreau's reasoning to move to Walden. That's what happens when walking the trail at Lake Harriet.

Lake water edges the path and reflects the blue sky. The Band Shell, trees, flowers, and leafy bushes elude our escape; life's realities are back there somewhere.

Walk with me—Missy Mouse Meets THom Elf was written here.


Music Plays In Front Of The Window

A window is just a window 

A window of glass and frame of wood viewed 

from inside out or outside in, matters not. 

A window is just a window.

Black and white, Noir's delusions of a painted world; characterized

by the absence of light and crouched seemingly into a corner. The

ways of the world, responsibilities day to day or day in and day out.

Walking the path at Lake Harriet, couleur ignites moods of

splendor; wistfully dims shadows of any day's darkness. The sun

casts luminous energy—gold, yellow, subtle red, and orange upon

the faces of passersby. Everyone smiles and says, "Hello." All

shadowy glimpses of life fade away... 

...walking at the lake

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