MCProjects by Design

Greeting Card Photo Submission Policy

Your personal photo for your personal greeting card is encouraged. Before you submit photos for consideration, please read the following guidelines:

1. Photos may be e-mailed to or mailed as hard copy to MCProjects by Design, PO Box 697, Spooner, Wisconsin 54801. Photographs are retained as property of the owner.


2. Copyright is strictly enforced. No client owned photograph will be posted at Facebook or any photo website.


3. Because, "Your Photo — Your Story — Your Greeting Card" becomes a part of a unique greeting concept, you'll enjoy a quality finish.


4. MCProjects by Design accepts to format photographs and stories for greeting cards to promote businesses and (or) personal. Professional photos tagged with watermarks or submitted in the name of a professional studio cannot be accepted.


5. Please do not submit a photo unless you own it, but you may submit pictures taken by family members (with their permission to do so). Please include location where the photo was taken as part of your story.


6. If you'd like to send a photo for Your Greeting Card, please refer to more detailed description for photo and story guidelines on a separate guidelines page.


7. MCProjects by Design reserves the right to accept or reject any photo or story submission. Rejected photos and stories will be returned to the owner with or without explanation.

© Copyright exclusive of Marilyn Clare, illustrations from the book, Missy Mouse Meets Thom Elf cannot be used for duplication, or illustration, or print without permission in writing.