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Robert Imrie, Author: Drop Dead and Fallen Flower "Missy
Mouse's Magical Journey around Lake Harriet is sure to Appeal to
children of all ages"


Scott Heiderich, Director & Treasurer: Como-Harriet Streetcar
Line — The Minnesota Streetcar Museum "Scott watched after my
safety when photographing the trolley"


Aileen Bordman, President & Founder: Monet's Palate located in
Claude Monet's Gardens, Giverny, France "Endorsement is that of a
photograph illustration"

* * *

Korie: Pencil Art Interpretations of Missy Mouse and THom Elf
when nine years old


Margo: Photograph Illustrations— Fish, Ducks, Rosebush


SPECIAL THANKS — Responsible for teaching Creative Writing


English Professors: Augsburg College, Minneapolis,
Minnesota Professor John Harkness, Professor Cass Dalglish,
Professor Douglas Green, Professor Robert Cowgill, Professor James
McCormick, Professor Dallas Liddle, and Professor Carey Waterman



Missy Mouse Meets THom Elf at Hennepin County Library
Linden Hills


© Copyright exclusive of Marilyn Clare, illustrations from the book, Missy Mouse Meets Thom Elf cannot be used for duplication, or illustration, or print without permission in writing.